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too-small grips?

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by mommyof1, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. I know that grips that are too long are dangerous because they can cause grip lock, but what about grips that are too small? Can they cause peeling or other issues?
  2. In imagine be if they are too s all the kid would have troubke properly gripping the bar.
  3. Grips usually stretch over time and unless you only were using them once a week or something, they generally need to be replaced before being too small becomes an issue. I guess if you got the wrong size to begin with. And yeah, it would make it hard to hold the bar with the correct part of the grip and the dowel over the bar.
  4. My son outgrew a couple pairs of grips before wearing them out.
  5. I would think this is less of an issue for girls since their hands don't grow as much as boys. My dd has worn the same size of grips from the time she was about 10 years old
  6. My dd outgrew her grips before they were worn out and so did her team mate maybe because they were young when they got their first pair
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  7. Probably depends on the grips. I usually have the kids replace them once a year, and allowing that the leather stretches when it breaks in, having them get too small is less of an issue than too much stretching. I don't let kids get grips until they're a certain size.
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  8. My kid thinks she has outgrown her grips, which were purchased a year ago. I am skeptical but have wondered if they may be wearing out. She has been reluctant to ask anyone at the gym to take a look at them, so I think I will bring it up when I am next in the gym taking care of other business. It was a huge pain to get the correct teeny tiny size ordered last time around, so I don't want to wait to replace them until the need is urgent.
  9. I would really encourage your daughter to get them checked by her coach, my dd said hers were starting to hurt I got her to check with her coach and her coach said she needed new ones, when I measured her hands she had gone up a size. My dd coaches are always happy to check existing and new grips
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  10. I am certain her coach would be happy to check them. The issue is convincing her to ask. Because she is a tween. ;)
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  11. I understand that but I always encourage my dd to ask for herself as there may be a time when she needs to have the confidence to ask or say something to her coach that can’t be left until another day so if she has already asked with easier things I’m hoping she will speak up if and when needed.
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  12. Oh, yes, I definitely encourage her to speak up for herself. Over and over again. It just doesn't always work. We are getting there slowly.
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  13. When you buy a new pair of grips, and they are a size larger than the old, you will be surprised to find the old pair has stretched and may actually be the same length as the new larger size.
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  14. Measure her hands avdbuy a second pair. Having a back up is a good idea
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  15. How do you know when they are too small? Blisters? Finger swelling? My kid is 8 1/2 and has worn the same pair since the day she got them about 15 months ago...She doesn't complain about them, but she has grown 4" so I'd be surprised if they stretch that much! Would I rely on a coach to let her/me know? Sorry to hijack the thread a bit!
  16. I'd pick the manufacturer you want to purchase view their fitment guide and purchase a new pair if measuring indicates a bigger size is needed. She could break them in a little at a time while still using the old pair.
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  17. Measure her hand, if she has grown enough to go up a size them it’s time. Also, even if she is still in the Same size, grips wear out too, so check with the coach about when to replace them.
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  18. You should order a new pair every year. The coach may or may not tell you. But unless they specifically said not to order any new pairs after a year you should order them. It does take time to break in grips so your daughter would have to ask the coach, but they can just start putting them on at the end and doing a couple low bar tap swings.
  19. I hear a lot of people saying about grips stretching, does this always happen or are certain brands more prone to this? Only my dd old grips didn’t really stretch at all. Just curious
  20. What age and level? If she is pretty small and not doing lots of big swinging yet, then they might not stretch but generally all grips stretch will stretch. Leather is pliable and thus stretches with the weight and pressure.
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