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Hi to everyone. My name is Don G. Anweiler and i am a career gymnastic coach. I am 60 years young and have been coaching since 1962. Orginally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Last year I was offered a coaching job on a small island (13km square), that you can walk around in one day. We are located off the southeast coast of Iceland. The place is incredible, the people are the best and after some initial difficulties have never been happier in a coaching position.

You can check out the island at
Feb 26, 2007
Don, welcome to The Chalkbucket.

I am so impressed by the adventure you have chosen to take. I hope we can be a help to you. How does the system in your new gym compare to the Canadian system?


difference in systems

The Icelandic system is taking some getting used to. There are 6 levels in mens and womens artistic. The levels are reverse from Canada though with 6 being beginning and 1 being the highest

6-5-4-3 there are compulsory skills and each club chooses their own music for each level and creates their own routines, but each child does exactly the same routine in each club...can be boring

2-1 these are optional routine levels

everything is written in icelandic but i am fortunate that the head coach speakes english and can tell me what the skills are.

they are also very much into team gym and general gymnastics competitions

any other questions do not hesitate to ask

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