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TOPS / Hopes TOPS/HOPES Coach of the Year

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by FlippinLilysMom, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. I can see why! Didn’t your gym just hve some girls go straight to developmental invite, and skipping national testing? Plus look at lily! Your coach is obviously doing a lot right! Congrats :)
  2. Thank you!! Yes we had 2 girls go straight to devo camp (they are both there now) and 3 girls are headed to invite camp.
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  3. Since you're asking, I'm working on a statistical analysis of the qualifying scores from 2014 forward for both national testing cutoff scores and TOPs A and B team qualifying scores. I also created a spreadsheet that I'm pretty sure will accurately calculate the national testing score by popping in the raw scores for each section. Of the test. What it does not account for is relative position between the gymnasts fir things like rope climb and the 20 meter sprint, and I'm not sure how that works.
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  4. They had a chart for rope, sprint..... it was up at testing so you just plug in for that criteria based on age. Rope climb for 10 yr old was different than 8/9 yr olds.

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  6. Thank you. Yes, I've used that chart to calculate the score to the best of my knowledge. I think I'm right on, but we shall see.
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  7. Team A - 85, Team B - 80. These are my guesses based on 9 yo National testing cutoff scores being significantly lower this year than they were last year. The 10 yo scores have been consistent the past 5 years, and the cutoff scores for A team have only exceeded the national testing cutoff score by a maximum of 5 points in the last 5 years. So, in all likelihood the max the A Team cutoff score will be is 88, but like I said, based on the 9 yo scores being significantly lower, it may bring this down a bit. The B team qualifying score has been much more volatile and difficult to predict. It seems to fluctuate between the 10 yo national testing cutoff score and the 9 yo national testing cutoff score, more often being right at or just below the 10 yo national testing cutoff score.
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  8. I hope it is lower than last years..... I like your predictions. It would mean all of our girls make a team of some sort. .
  9. I’m curious....do you think scores were higher since the girls could see them? Before this year, didn’t the coaches handle the scores? I just wondered how they were in comparison to previous years.
  10. I hope you are correct with the 85 prediction and not the max score of 88.. We are right below 87! The wait is terrible!
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  11. I knew my daughters scores last year. Her coach took a picture and we calculated. I do think Skllls seemed higher than last but Physical was definitely much lower.
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