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Tops testing results

Discussion in 'Parent Forum' started by Rosie, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Ha! Same here....I knew before coaches. If you see, please let us know.
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  2. This was my daughter’s first test ever, and it was last minute :) She was training for next year, but wanted to try this year for the experience. I think she might be right on the line of qualifying, so now we wait. Do cut off scores always go up?
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  3. What did you say she made? 88? If so, I would think it would be good enough. Mine only did one her first year as an 8 yr old. He gym kind of 1/2 did it. As 9 yr old, she did 2 and made it and this year she did 3. This is her law year.
  4. Last year.
  5. No, i don’t know her score- i think it is probably close to the cut off last year, but I’m not certain.
  6. Oh ok. Fingers crossed she makes it. ;)
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  7. Best of luck to all of you with TOPS testers!!! This part is the reason I'm so glad Lily aged out of TOPS, the waiting game for the results was torture!!!
  8. Anyone know where in Indy the national testing will be?
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  9. Hello,
    Does anyone have any idea what the cut off score might be? I read at halfway it was about an 81 for 10 year olds; wondering if it changed since so many tested this past weekend. We calculated my daughter at about an 84.
    Thanks, and Good Luck And God Bless to everyone waiting.
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  10. I just looked at the USAG site and the list came out last year on August 11th so maybe it will be done this week and not next week like I was thinking. Who knows. Good luck to everyone!
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  11. Kim Riley posted that results will be posted tomorrow (Friday)!
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  12. Kim said tomorrow by noon! Good luck everyone!
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  13. I heard national testing will be at a meet venue versus a particular gym. Anyone hear the venue? Trying to plan travel.
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  14. LIST is posted!
  15. The list has been posted on USAG site
  16. My little friend made it! It’s not even my kid and I want to cry. So happy for her. Congrats to all!!!
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  17. 3 girls from our gym made it!! I knew for sure that 2 would but the 3rd was a total surprise!! Congrats to all testers and qualifiers!!!
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  18. We had 2 girls make diamond team and 4 make testing...yay! My daughter doesn’t do TOPS but trains with them at Fast Track and she is so excited for them!
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  19. Little Bit qualified! She’s excited to go back :DCongrats to all the kiddos!
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  20. My daughter qualified as well (10 years old). I am super proud and excited for another mommy/daughter trip!
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