Torn-up wrists?

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Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I recently moved up to level 7 and so i have been doing a lot of giants on strap-bar. Well, because of this, my wrists are all torn up, riped, and were bleeding! I now have a HUGE scab on my wrist from the straps and it won't go away, every day at gym it starts bleeding again from the straps! And today I got two rips on my wrists from it, and my wrist's are both all rough now and they hurt!
I don't know why it does this to me and no one else! I am using wrist bands. Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this? And do you think that taping my wrists before strap-bar would help any?

Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
That's odd. Straps might be too tight or too loose; that's the only thing I can think of.

Prewrap and tape under your wristbands may help.


Yea put pre- wrap and tape under your wrist bands. Also what you should do is keep puting alot of neisporin and vasiline (sorry for my spelling). What I do when I get rips is I put chapstick on my rips. Yes, chapstick. It's the one in the black tube. You can just carry it around skool and keep putting that on. I know it is a little wierd but it really works. Also there are these bandaid brand bandaids that are made for blisteres. They really do work. They help sorta cushon the rip so it dosent really hurt. They are in a silver and aqua blue box. You can put those under your pre wrap and tape. Sorry it is sorta long. Hope I helped!!
If they just won't heal, maybe you could ask your coach if you could take a day off of bars, or if you're like me and don't like to ask for anything, I would just try to keep your rips moist and definately put pre-wrap or tape on them under your wristbands to protect them.
Jul 20, 2008
canada!... eh
Oh this sounds like what my grips used to do to me! Very painful I know. What I did was I would tape a foam cosmetic pad to your wrists and put the wrist bands over it. Don't use the cotton type!! I have been doing this for a year now and haven't had this problem anymore! I tryed everything! Even the pre wrap didn't work for me. I haven't had a problem at all Anymore and I reuse the same ones for weeks! My mom came up with this and half my group is doing it now.
Feb 8, 2008
Band-aid brand blister band aids just like toriluvsgym0618 said. They're like little pillows of heaven on rips! :)


Jun 24, 2008
Balloons also work really well-- get a party-sized balloon, tape it over rips, and put your wrist bands on. That was the only way I made it through bars when I was an optional!
Dec 24, 2008
Yeahh when I would go on strap bar alot that would happen along with it really bothering my tendons. That happens to a few other girls also but yeah tape it helps alot tape your wrist when you go on strap bar and just regular bars and put peparation H on it yes butt cream hahah it helps alot! We all use it, like at night put tons on your rip then like put a band aid or sock or something over it so it doesnt just come off.
Jul 28, 2009
definitely pre wrap then tape it. plus your wrist bands. that's what i do, and my wrists did what yours did before i started doing all that. but don't tape it too tight because that makes it hurt even more. and if that happens, put like neosporin on it or someother kind of cream, because it can get infected and that really really sucks. your straps could be too tight too. so just try this, and good luck:)


Club Owner / Manager
Mar 23, 2009
West Midlands, England
Balloons also work really well-- get a party-sized balloon, tape it over rips, and put your wrist bands on. That was the only way I made it through bars when I was an optional!

I was going to post this too - It really does work!
However, I would also suggest asking your coach if you can perhaps rest off the strap bar until your wrists are healed (I know it isn't always possible, but if you don't ask, you'll never know!) Once they are healed, start using the balloon method and see if it works for you! Hopefully you won't discover a new found allergy to latex! ;)
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