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Dec 5, 2008
im going to do track for school this year and i dont know what events i should do. i have not done track before so i need some help, i dont know what to expect. what should i do for conditioning? what events are best for gymnasts?
if you could help mme that would be great!
p.s. tell your friends to replay to my thred, i need all the help i can get. thanks!


Pole vault is good for gymnasts. I would talk to the coach at your school, and see if they do any preseason. We have FASTER (female athletes striving towards excellent results), and we start tomorrow. It's about and hour and a half after school, 4 days a week, and you can come whenever you feel like it. If nothing like that exists, you could just ask the coach what type of workouts you could do.

I just went to a pole vault camp today, and I realized how much I need those preseason workouts. My legs are so sore!!!
Dec 8, 2007
In grade school track I did the 100 200 400 and long jump. Gymnasts are supposed to be good sprinters i think? But then I ended up being better at Cross Country then I was at track.
This year I'm either going to pole vault or do long distance like the 2 mi or both.
I have to learn how to pole vault first though. I went to a one day camp thing but all I learned how to do was the hold the pole and run with it and stuff. On the first day of cross country the coach who is also the track coach told me he wants me to pole vault. I guess because of my body type and that he knows I am a gymnast.


I used to do track. I was a distance runner. But unless you have done distance running or played soccer or run cross country before, you might be better off trying sprinting events. Def look at the field events like PV or High Jump like the other have said. For conditioning stuff, just for now you could always just get in the practice of running some, maybe doing some legs or abs, but chances are you already do that for gymn. You should find out who the track coach is and talk to them and maybe they can give you some more stuff to do, but really the stuff you do depends on what events you do. Different workouts for distance, sprinting, and field events.

Good luck! Track is a lot of fun!


Hey! I've done track since 7th grade ( kind of started it in 5th though), and I plan on doing it this year too! Like I said, and other people too, high jump and pole vaulting would be good for you to try. There was a gymnast at my school last year who was going to (probably)get a scholarship for pv but tore her acl vaulting at state. I've also had my coaches trying to convince me and my gymnast friends to do it also. I tried high jump for like a month, but I wanted to focus more on the running events. As for the running events, I've run cross country since 7th grade, but I like the sprinting events better. I ran the 100, 200, 400 and all the hurdle events last year! Hope you have fun doing track!!:)
I agree with gracefulone

pole vault is a good event for gymnasts =) but i could just be biased since that what me and my gymn girls did.

Hurdles how could i forget hurdles gymnasts are good hurdles, a bit on the short side generally but the flexibility makes for some great form, which makes you faster!! =)
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