WAG training at other gyms on vacation

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Jan 10, 2019
I'm wondering whether it's common to train at other gyms while on vacation. Some of my daughter's teammates have done this. How do you set this up with the other gym? Do coaches welcome gymnasts from other places? Do coaches appreciate that their gymnast is trying to continue their training while on vacation or is it a bad idea to train with a different coach who doesn't know the gymnast as well? My daughter is level 6/7 if that matters. We tend to limit our vacation time but my daughter might be more willing to visit her grandparents if we had an arrangement where she could do gymnastics still while out of town.
From a coaches perspective, I would not feel comfortable with my gymnasts training with another coach unless I knew them very well. Not all coaches and gyms are created equal, and there are a lot of coaches out there not prioritising safety in their gyms.
Our coach encourages vacation with no gymnastics. That said if the vacation were a month or something then it might be a different story, but a week or even two can be good for them.
It’s very common. We’ve done it, and our gym accepts vacationers as well. Just call or email ahead of time to the gym in the area to find out if it’s okay. You will have to sign a waiver and maybe pay a fee of some kind.
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