Training at two gyms? Right or wrong?

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Feb 21, 2012
Region 6
Hi, I'm considering continuing practice (3 days a week) at my current gym lets call this gym A. And I want to add another day or two to my practices.. at gym B. The thing is, these gyms are in the same city, and are HUGE rivals. They make sure none of their gymnasts compete at any of the same meets, except states or regionals.. I would still only compete for gym A, and I don't want to risk getting kicked out.

back story- We had a Really good level 7 at gym A who switched to gym B.. She had older sisters who worked at gym A, and when she switched to gym B, the owner of her old gym fired every single of of her sisters.. that's her bad of rivals they are.

anyway, should I go to gym B a couple times a week? or not risk it? is there anyway the owner of gym A would find out?

Please help, and thank you for reading.. i know it's long.:)
No, I would not go to Gym B. Is there a reason you can't practice a few more days a week at Gym A?
I can't practice more at gym A because at my level/group of levels (Prep Op/Xcel) I already practice the "maximum" amount.. 3 days per week 2.5 hrs each. which isn't enough for me. My coach is only at the gym that many times a week.. It's not possible. :/
Stay at your gym! If gym B is rivals with gym A, they are definitely going to tell gym A that you tried to work out at gym B.
No and they will definitely find out. You could end up with no gym.
Do they do Open Gym at your gym? Maybe ask the head coach? And if not they might know of a local gym they are friendly with where you could get some open gym time.
You should definitely train at gym A!!!

If you want to improve faster then you should create yourself a daily conditioning plan for home. You could even get your coaches to have a look at the plan for you so they can give you ideas of how to make your home conditioning have the maximum benefit towards your training.

Trust me, a little bit of daily strength and flexibility at home with some handstand holding and press handstand work will improve your gymnastics a lot more and faster than causing trouble by going to your main rivals gym. Also it means that your parents won't have to paid even larger gymnastics fees and drive you to and from the gym even more often.
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Ack! I'm glad you've made the choice to stay with one gym. I'm not sure if you can pull off training at 2 gyms even if the gym owners were BFFs. Gym B also will recognize you somehow (it's a small world!) and Gym A would find out promptly...leaving you out of both gyms. :(

Does your gym have higher levels with more training hours? If not, it's likely you'll be stuck where you are for a while. If your gym has higher levels, then you staying put is the decision of the coaches. There's a reason why your coach doesn't come more often: no one to coach since they may feel like you aren't ready. If your gym is not capable of offering more an will not be for the next few years, you should find a new gym that is more competitive. Just hang tight in where you are now!

I agree with Gymmite on the conditioning, stretching at home. Just don't do any skills at home though! Open gym is a great idea too.
Or, if gym A isn't giving you what you need, consider a switch to gym B, if they are a better fit for you. But it would need to be a complete switch...and from the sound of it, once you switch you won't be able to go back.
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