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Training hours for levels 6/7

Discussion in 'Parent Forum' started by Amanda, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. I didn’t mean to imply that you were. I was commenting on more of a general vibe I get when people talk about low hours schooling. The hours required are set in some states and not in others, and many homeschoolers (myself included) do not count a number of activities that could be considered school in their hours counts. Often it is just the number of hours spent on book work, formal curriculum, or desk work. There is so much more to homeschooling that I sometimes fear we sell it short when we try to condense the experience to share.
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  2. I agree, but you are teaching your two daughters yourself and overseeing their schooling, right? Not sure I would be comfortable with such low hours for an elementary school aged child in a group homeschool situation unless there is significant 1:1 attention in the two hours. I’m basing my opinion off of very limited information. Anyways, in regards to the topic, I still think 40 hours of gym is very, very high.
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  3. I am, but my girls are in upper high school. I would posit that there is very little time needed for formal schooling in elementary school. That said, I wouldn’t have done it hands-off, as that’s the point of homeschooling for us. And I agree that’s a very high number of hours for gymnastics, and isn’t a number I would consider healthy. Sorry to have derailed the thread a bit- I’m done!
  4. Adding these times up, I get to 40 hours total between gym and school, not counting the private lessons. Thankfully (in my opinion) than means she’s not doing gym for 40 hours (although I still think 30 is too much for that situation, once again just my opinion). If I were considering putting my child in a gym/school program, I’d definitely want details about how much time is devoted to school, along with teacher to student ratios, etc. I definitely agree that schooling can happen in a shorter timeframe than many people think, but when there are multiple children to teach in that condensed timeframe (especially younger ones who may not yet know how to learn as independently) I would be wary of 10 hours a week.

    To answer the original question, our gym doesn’t do level 6, but level 7’s go 18 hours.
  5. We have two teachers 1 for the elementary girls, the other is for the junior high girls. Twelve girls total in the fast track program. The wife and I tell my daughter all the time this is damn near a full time job if you want to stay home or not do this anymore let us know. She will tell you quick she has a dream and wants to practice. I know we pay A WHOLE LOT and I know the hours are CRAZY, but it’s what my daughter loves to do and she/we love our coaches and new gym so we can’t complain about it
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  6. As long as my daughters grades are great and she’s having fun doing what she loves. I’m all in
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  7. We did essentially the same thing for two years, hours, money, and all. It did not end well for any of the girls. Hopefully, your gym is not at the extremely high level of crazy that our gym was. It was nuts, and I have lost all restraint in keeping the craziness a secret.
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  8. No it’s not crazy at all. It’s an extreme gym but they understand that they’re kids and let them have fun when they get everything done.
  9. So do the kids do a school curriculum with a tutor at the gym, or do they follow a home school curriculum? If they follow a home school curriculum, and they are supervised and supported at the gym, I assume part of the plan is that in Thursdays when they don't go into the gym, they focus time at home in the curriculum.
  10. We follow home school curriculum.
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