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Nov 4, 2021
Just out of curiosity, how many hours do your 5-6 year old competition gymnasts train for per week? Thanks
From what I have seen it depends more on level than age, levels 1/2 probably 3-4 hours level 3 6-9 hours though my kiddo did 12 at level 3 but it may have been a bit much I think they have lowered the hours a bit for level 3/4 at our gym. Mine was 7/8 years old at level 3 for reference.
Yes... it has much more to do with level / ability than age. With an average 5-6 year old... there is only so much that you can do. If your 5-6 year old is more like a Level 4 with Level 7 abilities like a cast handstand on bars... then there is much more that can be done. Honestly though... we don't really push hours on that age group much anymore... we would start higher hours with ages 7-8.
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Mine is 7 in a group of 5-7 yo girls and they do 6 hours/week. It’s an efficient, fast-paced 6 hours and a small group. I don’t see them standing or waiting unless it’s for 20 seconds of instructions. They powerwalk to water breaks, so more hours in their situation would be too much.
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Mine trained 4-5 hours a week at 5-6 years old (level 2). At 6-7 years, she trained 6 hours (xcel silver), and at 7- now 8 years, she trains 8-11 hours (xcel gold).
Depends on the level :) most 6 year olds at our gym are level 1/2 so there for 6/9 hours. One 6 year old is a level 3 so there 12 hours I believe. One 7 year old in our level was level 4 last year but training with optionals so she was doing 19 hours at 6. Her mom works at the gym so she’s there all the time anyway
Our gym. L2 and 3, 7 hours with an optional 3 hours on Saturday
L4 and up 9 hours with an optional 3 hours on Saturday

That’s during the school year. In the summer no Saturdays. There are camps. You can pick the days and weeks with 3 morning hours or all day, which is 6 hours.
My 7 year old is in her second year of XCEL Bronze and has 4 hours of practice per week and does an extra 1-4 hours a month in privates. Our silvers (mostly 8 years and up) do 8 hours per week.
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