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Apr 13, 2022
Hi! My husband’s job is transferring us to Japan. I have 2 kiddos that compete gymnastics currently in the US. Does anyone have experience transferring and finding good programs overseas?
I don't have any advice for you but I lived in Japan when I was young. Loved it! I do remember them having very good sports programs there and lots of expats so it shouldn't be a problem finding good English speaking programs. Tokyo? What schools?
Thanks! I haven’t found much information online and our current gym isn’t much help. We would be near Yokohama. Looking into Montessori and international schools.
There's a D3 gymnast at Springfield College from Japan. I just looked her up and she's from Yokohama so maybe her club is an option? I feel weird posting her name but just look up the roster and you'll see her.
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