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Dec 17, 2019
United Kingdom
Hello fellow gymnasts. Used to do gymnastics myself when I was way younger a lot. Now for the last 4 years been trying to get back to it as much as possible. I can still do some basic skills that I have learned at young age - straddle planche, various handstand routines, pirouettes. I am trying to structure my training week properly to gain as much strength as possible without gaining too much muscle ***. My end goal would be to reach iron cross.
Little bit about me:
Age: 22
Height: 179cm
Weight: xX

Could someone give me a hand or some tips to put some structure into my training days?
I usually stretch and work on some skills for the first 30min to an hour. Then I move on to conditioning excersises which is my main concern.

Should I swap between endurance and strength training every training day?
For example my strength training day may look like:
- 4 sets 5 handstand push ups with weight vest 4
- 30 sec handstand hold
- 4 sets 3-4 straddle planche push ups
- 4 sets 5 straddle to handstand press

- 4 sets jumping squats

and various core excersises at the end.

This strength routine focuses mostly on handstand and planche strengh, some days I would swap some excersises to train more for victorian/iron cross.

My endurance training day would be somewhat simmilar instead I would aim for 15 or more reps for each excersise for example:
- 3 sets 10 handstand
- 3 sets 15 pull ups
- 3 sets 20 dips
- 3 sets 8 muscle ups
- 3 sets chin up front levers 10 reps
and of course more core and some leg conditioning

Can someone give me some tips on my training routines? Should I involve more circuit or HIT training on either strength or endurance days?
Thanks for all replies in advance.
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