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Aug 11, 2022
United States of America
I keep reading these posts that this gym requires 22 hours (5.5 hours per day) for level 6.. my daughter was a level 7 and doing 16 hours a week. 4 days times 4 hours. She has switched to Xcel Diamond and is still doing 16 hours a week training level 8 skills.

She started at level 3, 12 hours (3 hours x 4 days per week). She didn't go to 16 hours until level 5. Hours stayed the SAME during the summer just shifted to earlier in the day to give them more time to play. The level 9-10 girls did 5 days at 4 hours each (20 hours) and those on the elite path (yes, one just competed in the National Championships) were doing 30 plus hours a week (2 a day practices). This was a very small group.

Her current gym caps all kids at 16 hours during the school year regardless of level so they can balance academics, gym and sleep!

Personally, I like 20 hours a week for Level 9-10, just because that at that level, I truly think that is what allows gymnasts to be safe and successful. But yes, Compulsory Levels 3-4 needs to be capped at 12 hours a week. 16 hours seems reasonable for Level 8, yes.

Only the truly Elite athletes need to be doing 30+ hours, just like you said. And that's with double practices, not by making each practice 5+ hours.
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