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Oct 8, 2021
As meet season gets a little closer, I have a question about tramp shoes. I competed eons ago and never was a fan of the tramp shoes with the strap across the top, I always had to have the slipper type of shoe. I remember disliking suede bottoms, but I managed because it wasn't the strap. Well here I am competing again. I happened into a pair of IWA 508's (the ones with the red racing stripes as I call them) for insanely cheap and well, I've fallen in love to the point I can't see myself using anything else. It's the slipper style and has a fantastic rubber tread that allows foot movement. IWA has a 508 model with the stripes that is white with a gold outline, are these okay? I doubt my racing stripes are legal. For any one unfamiliar I've linked the two models below. They're expensive to get in the US and I don't want to order something I can't have without deduction.

My new gym is of course just letting me just sorta go with whatever since I'm an adult but they all use the GK strap version.

Here's the white: White

Here's the red, not the exact but it was what is in stock: Red

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