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Oct 4, 2009
Milwaukee WI
:):):):):)* Im 15 years old and so what is in the trampoline during the olympics and do you think im too old to do it???
* where can i find some places to train I live in wi????
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Mar 29, 2009
oay so im assuming you have none or verry little experiance in trampolining well im soory to say it is very much like gymnastics in the sence that you really do need to sart early to get far eg olympics must of the kids in my clubs elite team started betwwen the ages of 4-6 with the latest being about 8 but still join and just do iy for the fun its an amazing sport and one i hope you enjoy best of luck bouncing, bekie


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Jan 4, 2008
Actually in trampoline there is still the chance to make elite if you start at a later age. It will be harder because kids who started at age 5 will have had 10 extra years on top of you but if you stick with it, the goal could be a possibility.

Many international trampoline competitors are in their late 20's and 30's and as aerialriver mentioned even 40's.

To get a good idea which gyms have excellent programs it might be a good idea to attend a trampoline competition in your area. See which clubs seems to dominate.
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