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Dec 8, 2007
I'm trying to get a trampoline and before I can convince my parents to buy one I need to find a good priced one with a safety enclosure net thingy around it. Any good places for cheap , good trampolines? Thanks!!!!

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Have you looked on Ebay? That is where I bought ours - there are now so many companies without actual shops (which are expensive to run) and they can be found at a much cheaper rate and shipped direct from a warehouse to your home.


Keep your eye out for rummage sales! We got one (with a 15' diameter) that was less than a year old for $50! We had to buy the net separately, which was $120 at Sam's club.


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Feb 10, 2007
we got ours off of Craigslist! and paid 100$ with a net! and got to see it before we paid for it!! great condition!!!
good luck


I think I got mine at Costco I think. Oh wait, maybe it was Sport About or Sports Authority. Somewhere like that, and I LOVED having the safety net, it made me feel so much more comfortable (and it worked well for snap-downs LOL)
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I just got a new one last week (my old one broke)! I got it at walmart it was on sale for $250. It's awesome! I love it!! Make sure when you get your tramp you get a good quality one because you will probably get lots of use out of it!
good luck convincing your parents!
Aug 8, 2007
West Coast
We have 2; The first one we got 4 years ago online from jumpking. We ordered another one from them, but it never arrived, and soon after the company went out of business. We never got our money back. It has lost most of it's bounce, but still has all the springs, has no holes, and no stitching ripped out. After it lost most of the bounce, we used it as more of a place to land all of our big skills, so it has taken hundreds of big landings. The second one we got at walmart last year. It was extremely bouncy. We had it for about six months when the first spring popped off and became imbedded in our neighbors tree while i was doing a simple front pike. By the time we had had it for 9 months, it was missing 6 springs and the stitching was coming out in one area. We threw it away a month or two ago when we lost the 9th spring. It was still pretty bouncy, but it was too dangerous to use.

We are looking for a new one now. It is a lot cheaper if you get it without the enclosure, and if you try any sort of flip, it gets more dangerous to have the enclosure because you could strike the pole or get a foot, hand, or finger caught in the net.
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