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Transffering to Level 7 after one year of gym?

Discussion in 'Parent Forum' started by Jenn's Jam, Dec 14, 2017.

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  1. Am I following correctly that they want her to learn the L4 and L5 routines and score out, along with learning a L7 routine, all by the first meet next month?
    Truly if she could manage all that, (and you can swing the extra $$$ for the extra hours), I'd say go for it.

    If it's uncertain, I'd say have her compete XG this year, get her into competing, and then near the end of the season give her time to learn the L4 and L5 routines, and score out and start next year as a L7. Or, if she's excelling at skills, and coach thinks she can do L8, scoring out of L7 with her L8 routines (watered down) would be a much easier transition, in my opinion.
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  2. I totally agree with you that it would be terrible to have to drop out of JO for financial reasons, but I wonder if it could possibly be MORE terrible to miss out on a shot to make it in JO. The time window right now is so small it’s almost nonexistent, but if she has talent like this, it could be worth a shot, and she can always go back to Xcel. She can’t go the other way.
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  3. I agree with @raenndrops . And OP has mentioned in a previous thread that she is not in a position to financially afford JO. For this family to make it work, it work will require the DH to work extra hours. OP needs to consider if this is feasible for their situation. It would be even more disappointing to start in JO and realize you can't pay for it and then DD gets forced out.
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  4. Well this is the case for lots of kids. Let her family work out the financials. We can only really help with the "is it a good idea from a gym point of view" kind of question.
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  5. True dat. But OP has brought it up as a concern more than once so I think it's valid to comment on that. At least from my experience I had no idea what I was getting into financially and here I am 5 years later with very different priorities. I would have made different choices back then if I had known that I'd be paying for gym for close to a decade if my DD continues until graduation. I think offering insight is relevant.

    Otherwise, sounds like OP's gymmie has lots of talent...I say go for it!
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  6. Apparently at her gym, she CAN go Xcel to JO since that is what teh HC is offering right now. And with the head coach having all this faith in her, the offer should still be there in a year. I reread the original post, and they do have Xcel Diamond. So, she could really score out of Silver, Gold, and Platinum and compete Diamond this season. That, plus seeing if she could do a practice a week at the main gym with the L7/L8 (for minimal extra cost), would put her in a good position to score out of L4 and L5 at the end of this season and compete L7/L8... and maybe even start L9 if she has the skills next year at 13.
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  7. Not since last year. they have to have competed silver or Level 3 (I think) to do gold. Gold is no longer an entry level.
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  8. I was going to reiterate: Make sure if she does this that all score out requirements are met. Don't let the gym tell you that she doesn't need to score out of Level 4 & 5, because she does unless she petitions. And there is a process, and you need to know that all the steps were followed. It can mess up a sanction if she doesn't get the required scores and gets caught, and with the new software that's being developed, it is much easier to catch the ones who don't have the proper scores. Just a note about that.

    If she can do it, and you can do it, let her do it. But don't let her if she is not ready as that will only discourage her. Watch some YouTube videos of Level 7 routines and decide if she's ready to do that.
  9. Just to say; She HAS learnt some of the compulsory routines, She's learnt the L4 Floor Routine, Bar Routine and she's learnt the L5 Bar routine floor routine and beam routine. So I am not really worried about the whole learning the routines thing.
    Forgot who it was but someone suggested competing Platinum/Diamond this year, and that may not be a bad idea.
    Also want to include that the Main Gym that we would have to got to until they add higher levels to the secondary gym is a bit of a drive so thats another obstacle especially with another kid who does competitve dance. Its a lot to think about.
    Was also asked how many hours she trains and how many she would have to train in L7 in Xcel G she's supposed to train 15 hours a week but since she stops in at platinum practices its usually 18 - 20. In L7 It would be 22 - 24 (depending on the week) even when she has her 20 hour weeks she always finds away to go to open gym or sometimes a private lesson so I don't really think the hours will be a huge difference for her.

    I know she wants this I want whatever makes her happy but it still is A LOT to think about. The HC did say she could come test it out for 2 weeks then decide if she wants to do Xcel or L7 were going to try it out, it starts on monday. If all goes well and it looks like we will be able to pay for it then we may go for it.

    Question that isnt related to the post but I didn't wanna make another post for this;)

    If you were a L3 or L4 one year would you still have to score out of Silver in Xcel the next year? (My daughter was wondering this because if we do xcel she wants to know who is scoring out with her)
  10. A gymnast that has competed 3 or 4 can enter the Xcel stream at Gold.(3 can choose to enter at silver or gold). Good luck!
  11. If finances are an issue then I think you need to seriously examine whether this is feasible long term. My daughter is 7 years old and I am a single mom of two, not receiving child support. I honestly can’t say I would go down the JO path again if I could do it all over again. She is a JO2/3 and the cost of her gym in the past 3 months is almost $2,000. Huge sacrifices are required to make this work.

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  12. It makes me really sad to read about families STARTING on the gymnastics journey already worried about finances. Gymnastics is a VERY expensive sport, probably not much less than horseback riding or figure skating (for which I have experience paying as I have had children in all three sports - not at the same time, Thank God!). I would really encourage parents to search Chalkbucket for information on costs. It ONLY gets more expensive as girls go up in levels, and the training costs are just a drop in the bucket.

    Competition leotards, warmups, meet fees, parent organization dues, travel costs, and hotel costs all add up. It's one thing to sacrifice (there are a few things that I do without in order to afford my kids' activities), and QUITE another thing to work additional jobs to pay for sports/activities (which I have done as well - I worked every Sunday for YEARS in order to supplement my income enough to pay for sporting activities). I think that my relationship with my other kids suffered because I was working so hard in order to support my gymnast DD.

    If the OP can afford Xcel and her DD is enjoying herself, and doing well, then isn't that the point?

    So many people tout the benefits of gymnastics being the most important reason for kids to get involved in gymnastics (setting goals, accomplishing things, working hard, getting exercise, etc). Doesn't Xcel give those same benefits to kids?
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  13. Xcel CAN give those same benefits to kids. I love Xcel... but not because it is less expensive or lower hours (all levels at our gym cost the same and work out the same hours and go to the same meets and have the same leotards and warm ups). I love it because it has given both of my gymmies the chance to succeed competing Optional routines... from which OG had transitioned back into JO ... and to which she will likely transition back.

    With OP's daughter, she has the potential to go farther than Xcel can get her because of restrictions even at Diamond. I had suggested staying Xcel for this year and possibly scoring out of Silver and Gold and competing Platinum and possibly Diamond just so mom could see if dad's extra hours were going to be sustainable and to also save money up for future years.
    It looks as if she is liking training with Level 7 at the main gym, so I am looking forward to hearing what the final decision is after the 2 week trial is over :)
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  14. I have a similar question about going from Xcel to JO. My DD is currently in Xcel Platinum. She's interested in moving to JO level 7 next year. I spoke with her coach about it, and she agreed it was a good idea and she's ready for it. However, does she need still need to score out of L4 and L5 if she's already done Xcel Silver and Xcel Gold. Someone mentioned that the rules of going from Xcel to JO might be changing, but not sure.
  15. How old is your DD? If she is 14+ or in high school she can petition out of L4 and L5 by submitting videos; but if she is younger then she has to do the score out meets. They recently changed the rules for going from JO to Xcel; but I have never heard anything about them changing them for going from Xcel to JO...
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  16. How old is she? If she is 14yo or older and in High School she can petition to level 6 or 7.
  17. Thanks - She is 12, so I guess she will need to score out. :(
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  18. How have rules changed for going from Xcel to JO?
  19. Not from Xcel to JO- there isn’t mobility at all that way. A diamond would still have to score out of four and five or petition. It has only changed from JO to Xcel, with guidance on where JO girls start in Xcel divisions based on JO level.
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  20. Oh I misread. Thank you! I freaked out for a moment. DD is moving from Xcel to JO next season, and I'm not sure I can handle any more changes after that level 4 score-out increase.
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