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This is a little off the regular topic but I just thought I'd mention that I haven't been online recently because I've been in New York visiting some relatives but I did have the opportunity while I was there to try trapeze school (TSNY). It was really awesome. If you like bars you'll just have to try it sometime. You really feel like you're flying. My gymnastics coach used to be a trapeze artist with clubmed & so he told me what to expect. I didn't get to do nearly as much as I wanted to. Two hours go fast when you have to take turns with 9 other people but I'm going to try and go back again in a couple months or so and maybe get to do more. I realized that having a gymnastics background made it pretty easy to pick up so all of you should try it when you get a chance at least once for the experience.
I'm so jealous! i wanted to try trapeze soooo bad a couple years back, I was gonna take a friday and head up to Boston. Never fit it in, and now I don't live anywhere near a trapeze school :(

Glad you had fun!

Sounds like fun, Kylie! Having to actually trust another person to catch you must be a real break from gymnastics! If something went wrong, you could always blame the other person. chuckle Just kidding. The things they do absolutely amaze me!
Good to know you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.
That sounds like so much fun!! Something I always thought would be cool to do. Where in Boston Kgym?
I honestly don't remember, I bookmarked the site but the computer I bookmarked it on died over the summer not long after I moved. I found it by googling though. I think it was affiliated with the TSNY one... at least there was one I saw that was... I vaguely recall there being two? But I could be wrong.

I was a kid I went to circus day camp for a few years and they also had a flying trapeze camp at the same place but I was always too young to do it and then I started going to month-long sleepover camp. I always wished I could have tried the flying trapeze.
Not open for further replies.