For Parents Travel: Flights Cancelled & Rising Costs (Time To Worry?)

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Proud Parent
Dec 30, 2017
Seems like the staffing shortage with airlines is not resolving anytime soon and flights will continue to be randomly cancelled due to personnel shortages.

Was at the airport this weekend and a softball team had their flight cancelled and this is in summer when there isn't mass weather delays can only imagine it'll be even worse when weather is a factor.

Give yourself as much time as you can incase a last minute change happens.


Proud Parent
Jun 14, 2019
Our meet schedule came out..2 out of state meets. One in California and one in Hawaii. We are ACTIVELY fundraising (on our own and 1 through the gym-- anyone want to buy popcorn? LOL) to help with travel costs. I figure we are going to have to raise around $4000 to cover airfare and hotel/food. We also have coaches fees/meet fees so our assessments this year are $2800 and that does not include our own personal travel. We have a rummage sale this weekend, a bake sale at the same time, we have sold lollipops, started a gofundme, and are doing everything possible to help offset travel costs.


Proud Parent
Jan 9, 2022
I worry about money anyway. I’m dreading meet season. If she is level 6, there’s a cross country meet. I don’t know how I would swing it. That would be one of only few that we do. If she’s level 5 I’m still cutting back because it was so tight last year. This year will be a crunch.
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