For Parents Travel meet report DETAILS! Long!

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Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
Well...we are home after a total of about 20 hours in the car over a 3 day period! I am glad we only have one big long travel meet a year for right now! It was a beautiful drive though, lots of fall colors and mountains.

Older DD competed Saturday morning. She was super excited to stay in a big hotel that was attached to the gym venue, and have dinner and breakfast with all her teammates (we were all in the same!) We didn't get much sleep Friday night and we gained an hour because we crossed time zones:eek: so that kind of threw everyone off! Start time was 8:45 on Saturday, so not too much sleeping in, and she actually was up at 5:30 all excited and nervous.

Anyway...our big goal for the season was a 36AA which our gym requires to move to the next level after states. She had a 35.1 something at her last meet so we weren't sure if she'd do it especially with all the traveling.

First up...Vault...we are not strong on this as a team but DD had a 9.0 last meet so we had high hopes. All the girls on our team that went before her got 9's or got a 9.45 so we were hopeful. She goes and it looks ok to me, especially her first one...nice pop off the mat stack...all seemed to be well...and the score pops up....8.875. So disappointing. She ended up with the lowest vault on our team! So we are bummed. I can tell that she is disappointed and it is never good to start off with a lower score than everyone else on the team! (I was telling myself...well...somebody's got to be last!:eek:).

Next...bars..her best event. She had been falling on her shoot thru at practice all week and fell during warmup so we were nervous but man the girl NAILED it and stuck her dismount...not a wobble or a step...I am thinking "if that is not a 9, I don't know what is"...and guess what, I was right...9.45!!!!!! Woo hoo! Personal best on bars...Very happy and now we are again hopeful for the 36AA.

Third...beam...last meet she had a 8.55 and we just didn't know what to expect here. Sometimes she just looks like she does not want to be up there...but sometimes she can look pretty darn good. I was so nervous I couldn't move! She does a good routine...not a perfect handstand but WAY less bobbles and wobbles that last meet and again, I am thinking it looked pretty good but you just don't know and I am so hoping for a high 8 and the score pops up...9.225!!!! WOO HOO! Big time personal best here!

So then the mom behind me who is good at math tells me she needs an 8.5 on floor to get the 36AA. Now, floor is NOT her strength mostly due to her RO BHS being a little well, ungraceful...and her last meet she got an 8.3 which I was perplexed by so I really didn't know if she could pull an 8.5. Again she goes out and does a nice routine, looked good to me, beautiful leap series, pretty straight and she does a pretty nice RO BHS, waaaay better than the last meet and I am just staring at that scoreboard WILLING it to say 8.5 or higher and I could not believe my eyes when it popped up...9.125!!!! That is a HUGE difference!:D And again, a personal best!

Bars-1st place!!! (tie with teammate!)
Floor-4th place!
AA-5th place!

And our team won 1st place for the 2nd meet in a row!:D DD's teammates took the all arounds in 2nd through 4th place and she got 5th. It was so cool to see them all up there next to each other.

The other really cool thing about the meet and this is another brag on my DD but she really truly was the first one up out of her chair to hug each and every one of her teammates after they finished an event. It just made it so much sweeter to see her do well and to get that score! She also had some big drama with one of the coaches this week and she came out of practice hysterically crying on Tuesday night so to see her pull it all together and do well...I seriously had tears in my eyes. Does anyone else cry at meets?:eek:

We have 6 meets left, including states so now we can relax and enjoy the season without that pressure of the required score! Ahhhh. Next meet is not till late January too so it is SO nice to have that score thing behind us!!!!

Thanks for reading this novel and thanks so much for all the well wishes! DD is so excited to be a level 5!!! The look on her face after the meet when she said "I got my score!!!!!" was just so worth all the hours and time and money we have spent on this sport! Even made the ridiculous 9 plus hours in the car better!!!

I am one proud and happy mom. To say the least!:D I will share beam and floor fairies with anyone who needs them because they apparently found their way to us this weekend and now we are happy to pass them on!;)

Oh, I almost forgot. No video, it was too far away since it was an arena setting. I so wish I would have gotten beam and floor though. Bummer!!!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Loved the play by play. Sooo glad she had such a great meet after a hard week. And that she made her move up score already so early in her season. Lots of stress off of her. :) Love that she is a great teammate as well. :) Enjoy the break until January! I know I am.


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Congrats to your DD for getting her 36AA!! Sounds like a great meet and I love the part about her hugging her teammates! As much as travel meets are a pain, they are great bonding experiences, we kind of look forward to them now :D


That's fantastic!!! Love that she congratulates her teammates too. And I get tears in my eyes when I see the girls have a great meet too--just an emotional experience. Sounds like a really fun travel meet for the whole team!!


Congrats to her on a great meet!! My dd has yet to score a 36AA. Maybe this will be her year, we'll see. And yes, I've cried at more than one meet. Worst was last year at level 5 sectionals. Last event was beam. She only needed an 8.05 to qualify for states. This is usually her best event. Well, not that day. She fell on her cartwheel, didn't touch the beam, and didn't get back up to retry it ( I don't think her coach ever told them to do that) and I think she was so nervous that her handstand wasn't vertical, either. She got a 7.525. It was devastating. All the parents felt it with me. They still talk about how heartbreaking it was even for them. But, they get up and move on. :)


I also loved your play by play. I kept wanting to sneak a peek at the end of each paragraph to see her scores! Very suspenseful! Pass along my Congrats to her please and I'm even more proud because she is such a supportive teammate!
Feb 26, 2007
Lovely to hear that she got the move up score and got some personal bests too. Even nicer to read about her great team spirit, that is worth a thousand 1st places to me.

20 hours in the car??? I think I would want a medal and a massage after that.


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
20 hours in the car??? I think I would want a medal and a massage after that.

Yes...that IS what I wanted too...and all I got was suitcases to unpack, mounds of laundry, and work waiting for me at 5:40 the next morning!:p

Ahhh...but worth it in the end. She is still beaming today!:)
Oct 2, 2008
South Carolina
What an awesome meet. I am so happy that she got the 36 she needed to move up next season.

Hopefully we will get to finally meet each other in the new year. I think we have several meets that we will both be at. And of course Level 5 next year!


Woohoo!! Great job! So glad that 36 is out of the way, now she can enjoy the rest of the season.

BTW - what a phenomenal girl you have. I love her team spirit! Such a sweetie!
Oct 2, 2009
Well worth the read. What a feel good story. It answers the question "Why do your kids compete gymnastics?" Congratulations and enjoy the season!
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