tricks 2 stay on beam ???

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this is my routine new to gymnastics so its basic
1 1/2 turn on 2 toes standing , 1 1/2 turn in crouch
5 fast steps on toes
high stretch jump
half turn on 1 foot
stride leap (split leap)
spin prep.
forward roll
roundoff off end

any tips as to keep my calm and stay on the beam .....any lil tips in general as to how to wow the judges ????
My coach always tells me to squeeze! It helps you balance and it will help you have better form (to impress the judges). Other than that, just try and stay calm and pretend it is just practice.
Sep 21, 2008
Just remember what practice is...

It's a time to condition your body to do what you want it to do, without ever thinking about it.

Use your training time wisely, and practice like a meet. So in a meet, it's just like practice :-D


For staying on the beam stay tight. One thing my coaches always say is that if you don't know if you legs are straight or your toes are pointed, they probably aren't because you can feel a difference. Some basic ways of staying on are sqaring your hips with the beam and after you do a skill make sure your arms are up by your ears. Also try not to stare at the beam.

For wowing the judges, look confident, don't stand there like your scared even if you are. Show them that you do know how to do the skill. Look like you're having fun and smile! Judges watch hundreds of routines every weekend, so you want to stand out and look like you are having a blast!
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