WAG Trouble on back tuck set

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Apr 26, 2022
Atlanta, Georgia
My gymnast is 14, and working on a handspring tuck and is having a hard time. She’s transitioning from back handspring to tucks and is struggling on the set. She has extremely powerful tumbling and rebounds (fast too) but lacks control and air awareness. She understands everything she needs to accomplish for the new skill but isnt executing it well.
When she goes for the handspring tuck, her handspring is nicely stretched and long, her block angle is good. Coming out of the handspring, her arms are straight up by her ears & she arches a lot but her head is still neutral and instantly tucks very tightly. Theres basically no set or rebound, and im trying to get her to set hollowly and ride her rebound before tucking if possible but nothing at all is working.
Ive tried her just jumping on the tramp and tucking, telling her she should see the wall, then her knees coming between them. I can tell shes trying to do that but the arch is still there and just looks like a high handspring with tucked legs. She says she feels as if she doesnt have control over what shes doing, and her body wont listen to her.
I know she has the capability for the skill, so im thinking its a mental/control thing. I have her doing tuck shape drills and setting drills. She does then perfectly but the difference it makes in her actual tumbling is slight. Does anyone have any fixes or tips for this?


Proud Parent
Aug 18, 2011
Have you tried handstand snap down rebound up high to candle stick (onto a mat/block stack at least chest height or higher) to create the hip lift needed for rotation? She won't be able to arch as she won't be able to hit candlestick. If she doesn't set up she won't make it onto the mat stack.
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