Coaches Trouble w/leg press off PBars

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My son can do a good leg press off the paralettes with a little arm bend......But when on the PBars, he shoots his back up, almost as if he would go to handstand, but then beds is knees into a tuck, the to Lsit.....terrible!

He said he does not want to hit his shins, or fall flat on his face from 4 ft. up....Is this a common worry? His coach knows of this....He has told him not to do it for now and just do the travel straddle.

Is this related to press handstand trouble? He seems to have some trouble here too....he can do PHS 50% of the time....
Handstand on PB is very frightening for many boys. I had a boy last year who insisted ( as well as his mom ) on doing the press to HS during routines.

However, he got real close to missing and his form broke down enough that he would lose any bonus for doing the skill. This still didn't get through either of their heads. Coaches and judges applauded and he could do a straight arm good form press but he got the skill too late in the season to really work it consistently ( we still worked it ). Considering he was generally in the cream for his age group ( he he won AA 3 or 4 meets in a row, generally being top 5 on all events ), doing bonus and losing for form was very critical.

What level is he? He only needs to clear his legs for L4 to get the bonus and doesn't need to hit HS.

Some of it is consistency but most of it is the fact that's it's bloody scary. That's why a lot of boys don't hit HS when they can for the bonus dismount.
He is second year L4....we agreed to keep him back from wants all/most bonuses to move up a level....

I think he has some wierd mental block....I think coach prefers him to do the regular straddled travel with out any press....and since his basic press is mixing with a HS maybe it is better to just eliminate it completely...........His form is really nice and I think coach would rather keep good form than put in bonuses that are not good enough....

He can get to HS for dismount....but I think he does the HS while exiting....Is this OK as opposed to HS, hold then exit to the side???

It's just a nominal HS which means within 15 degrees of HS.
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