trouble with tsukahara

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hey everyone

so my names maddie and im in level 7 working level 8
i've been working tsukes for a while now....just doing round offs and stuff
we have been down to the pits and i've turned it over heaps of times but when we comeback to our gym i just cant do it
i have heaps of height and i really want to do it but as soon as i get to vault i just can't do it

does any one have any ideas of how i can turn it over?
will listen to any and all answers

xx madz

Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
If it's a technical issue, there are many possibilities, but here are the most common issues:

1) Incorrect entry. Are you getting enough turnover comming into the table? Are you staying tight?

2) Lack of block/early tuck. You should remain tight and extended through your whole body (especially your shoulders) as you block off the table. It should snap through a tight hollow position before the knees bend for the tuck.

If it's a mental issue, then it gets a bit more complicated. Most likely what you need to do is just back off and do some more timers on to stacked mats, tsuks into a pit, tsuks onto mats in a pit, etc until you are completely comfortable and know where you are in the air.
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