Tsuk Fairy Please!!

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I'm not sure if there's even is one, but if there is, please send it my way! I have an invite meet tomorrow and I'm going to be flipping my tusk.(even though it's not my first time, but I really would like to stand them up!:p) So if there is a tsuk fairy I would like to have it please, or even just plain good luck! Thanks!:D
Oh fairies can be personalised for every gymnastics need. SO we'll be sending you the Tsuk fairy, and let me say she will arrive standing up, just like you on your landing! Good luck at the meet. Have fun too.

Can we share the tsuk fairy? I guess you'll be done with her before I need her. I need her Sunday morning! Its my second time competing them in a meet but the first meet I didn't land it unfortunitely.
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