WAG Tsuk vs. Yurchenko

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Oct 19, 2016
I have been seeing a lot about Tsuks and yurchenkos in the forums lately, and recently I saw something that seemed interesting to me. Which one seems to be the easier one?? I remember going to a gymnastics camp last summer, and I attempted a tsuk, and found out that it actually was a lot harder than I thought. However, the entry for a yurchenko is kind of scary to me, because there is a risk of slipping on the back handspring. Which one is easier to get a flip out of?
Yurchenko is easier to flip out of. The round off back handspring helps to generate power, this is a very common vault for female gymnasts who often don't generate as much power as male gymnasts.

This is why internationally, Tsukahara vaults carry a slightly higher difficulty value than yurchenko vaults.
Our gym starts with tsuks. We have several super powerful vaulters flipping tsuk tucks and pikes, some of them can do front handspring front tuck vault also. They've now started doing yurchenkos. It has not been easy for them. The most powerful ones even seem to strangely have too much power and they can't really do the turn off fast enough. They end up barely touching the table so obviously the flipping part is hard after that. I think it's cool that they are trying this new entry now that they have mastered the others pretty well. But certainly it would have been more beneficial to start the yurchenko progression way earlier to learn first flight phase and the angle you are supposed to contact the table and get comfortable with it years before you actually start flipping it.
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My dad is working on yurchenkos but we do not have a pit so it is not easy to learn , they do go to other gyms during the gyms open gym time.
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