TUCK FLYAWAY help !!!!

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Dec 9, 2010
My favorite coach just left our gym to help her sick father. I had just gotten my tuck fly away and she was only touching me when it was time for me to release. now my new bars coach wants me to show her some fly aways into the pit before she spots me on the high bar but I already have done it on the high bar(with a coach touching me with a single finger)
I can't bring me self to release the bar on the high bar? what should I do? it is in my routine for next meet

newest skill: tuck fly away (until my coach left)
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I'd do as the coach says and do them in the pit first and then do it on the high bar that way it makes your coach happy and may make your flyaway better as your going back a step :) goodluck :)
anyone have any good drills for these?!!! i have a girl who is working on front flyaways but the head coach/owner wants her to do a regular flyaway and will not take no for an answer... so we need to start working on them soon. also, she will not do these because 1. she's afraid of hitting the bar and 2. she cant see the ground when she lets go to flip.
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