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I'm a level six and i still can't open my front tuck on floor:(My coaches keep showing me in the routine book how to open my tuck but they don't get it. It just doesn't just like that. I was totally humiliated:eek: when i boomed my tuck in my meet and ruined my entire routine. I have another meet in a few weeks and i want to show my coaches i can pull together a good routine witha stuck tuck but 12 hours a week of practice isn't enough to learn my tuck. I might do privates with the head coach but im still worried i wont be able to pull it together for the meet. I hope my efforts and hard work will pay off. And ill show my coaches i can do it.:D

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Feb 26, 2007
Can't help as your post hurts my eyes. Please try posting using a regular font and a regular colour. It looks like something my 10 year old would think was cool!

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Jan 18, 2009
Sometimes there is just one little correction that needs to be made that can change the whole outcome of a skill. It might seem like your coaches don't get it, and maybe they don't, but I assume they are telling you everything they know to get you to fix it.
As a coach, it sometimes feels like I tell the same corrections over and over again and think maybe I'm missing something. Sometimes I am, but sometimes it just clicks one day and the skill is so much better than before. Just keeping working on it, front tucks are a hard skill for some people to learn and I'm sure you will get it in time. Just keep trying to make the corrections suggested for you.
Some of the most common corrections I give when teaching front tucks are to make sure you are setting up on the taking off, not already hunched over in a tucked position. Also, push off your toes on the hurdle! I see lots of kids trying to jump off their heels and that makes the skills a heck of a lot harder. Those are just some common problems that I see, but it's hard to tell without watching you perform the skill.
Just be patient and keep working hard, one day it will click and you'll wonder how the heck it took you so long to learn it in the first place!
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