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May 24, 2018
My DD has just started doing her ROBHS in the last month and is now doing 2 BHS with a very light spot on the 2nd one. She's much better doing it on the floor vs the tumble track. I don't know if she thinks the tumble track is going to do more for her so she doesn't put as much effort or what. I guess really it's better this way since the floor is the goal anyway. Any thoughts??
Yes, the timing is totally different. My dd is a level 10 and just coming back from an ankle injury and came back tumbling on the tumble track and she said she had a terrible time at first. I have a video of three of her teammates literally rolling on the floor with her trying to do multiple backhandsprings down the tumble track. Granted, she hadn’t tumbled in months, but still :)
My son's tumbling greatly improved when he moved to a gym without a tumble track. He hated the tumble track. Even when he was a L4 or 5 a sub coach made a comment about how much better his tumbling was on the floor. It makes sense that it is because the timing is different.
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