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Mar 10, 2022
Im not sure if this is a tumbling block, but im currently working on my handspring tuck. During privates, my coach is at least 7ft away from me, as in standing on the tumble track and shes sitting down watching. I preform the skill several times and always land, of course ill do it wrong sometimes but I never fall. I decided to get practice in at home on an airtrack, and when I go for the skill I just do a really high rebound with my legs tucked to my chest as if I was doing it? Its weird because im definitely not scared and my coach doesnt spot me or isnt even close to me but yet the skill wont throw. And its getting pretty frustrating because I want to move on. Does anyone have advice?


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Jan 4, 2008
My suggestion is, don’t do it at home on an air track. If you are only doing it on the tumble track on the gym, then you are still in the relatively early leanring steps on the skill.

It is not something that should be practiced away from the watchful eyes of your coach at this stage. Best case scenario is that you practice it with poor technique and then its very hard to break those bad habits. Worst case scenario is paralysis or death, and it does happen.

The fact that you won’t go for the skill is not a bad thing, it’s your brain doing what it is supposed to do, it is protecting you.

When you have a skill down you can literally feel how to do and your body will know just what to do. When you don’t your brain stops you because it knows you are not ready.


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Jan 24, 2013
It sounds like you are doing great! The fact that you can do it in one setting but not another is normal. The BHS-BT may seem basic and feel like a skill that should come quickly but it is a foundation that you will continue to build on. Give your body some time to fully learn the air-awareness. Also, stop doing them at home. The risk of injury from balking is not worth it. Plus you don't want to learn a poor technicque that hinders further progress. You just need some more time with it in the gym.
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