For Parents tumbling & level 4 meet results update

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Jun 19, 2008
united states
So, it's been awhile since I've posted dd's meet results or anything concerning meets...

Power Tumbling: (our gym doesn't compete trampoline or double mini).

She is 6 but competes as a 7 year old because she turns before december 31st. (to preface, there are two scores per pass because there are two judges judging her level)

First meet this season was awesome. She scored 9.6, 9.6 on her first pass and 9.4, 9.5 on her second pass. First place for Sub Novice girls age 7 and under.

Back in November we did aother tumbling meet
Anyway, she had an amazing day and took first place in Sub Novice girls age 7 & under - first pass 9.8, 9.8 and second pass 9.5, 9.6....

*brag alert*
You have no idea how badly I've been kicking myself for not getting those passes on film. It about kills me - they were beautiful. When she finished her first pass, my jaw dropped. I'm not kidding. I sat there with my mouth wide open and couldn't clap or anything. The only thing going through my head was "OMG! That way MY baby girl!!!" Gorgeous back handsprings, nailed the landings. It was amazing.
*end brag*

DD is currently competing L4 and had her first meet in November. 2nd on floor and vault, 4th on beam, 5th on bars and 5th all around. (of 15 athletes age 7 & under)

DD had her second meet of the season yesterday. (of 18 athletes age 7 & under)
4th on beam, 3rd on vault, 1st on bars, 1st on floor and 1st all around.

We are proud of her. She has been working really hard after taking a bit of a break over the summer to just be a kid.
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