WAG tumbling passes for xcel gold

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Feb 27, 2023
so im in xcel gold and i need help on my robhs
in my robhs my arms always bend (not that much but enough for me to feel it) no matter how hard I block I think its an issue with my arms coming apart because I don't think I'm too weak or if I am can you give me conditioning tips? i can almost do a kip i can do pullups, 10 second handstands idk put can someone tell me how to fix it?
i can do a ROBT on the tumble track and my coach said i probably do it on the floor but i just bail and i have a front handspring round off for my second pass
I think it may be that you need to work on your leg strength, and your mental game. Gymnastics is a mental game and you can’t always win, but you gotta really try. I get bad mental blocks as well; but I do try to not let the best take over me. I don’t think ur problem is strength, but your letting your mental block take over.