WAG Tumbling without back handsprings

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Jan 13, 2015
Is it possible to tumble ok without back handsprings? I think my daughter has bad back handsprings, she loses power on them. Can she do roundoff- back tuck? How does tumbling work without back handsprings? Thanks
Yes you definitely can- but whether or not it’s allowed will depend on level and gym/coach philosophy. My daughter had a teammate who did double flips out of a roundoff, and my daughter doesn’t do bhs on any apparatuses and was still fine- top 3 on floor two years in a row.
And to finish my comment......Yes, tumbling can be done creatively without BHS as long as all requirements are met. But as stated above, it’s up to the coach and the gym as to whether they will allow it. Good luck! I hope she can figure out what to do.
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