For Parents Two days till the First Meet!!!

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Jan 22, 2008
I have to say I am on pins and needles and a nervous wreck over this. Sunday is DD's first meet and this week has been HORRIBLE. We had a judges visit and let's just say it wasn't our best showing. She fell on beam and had too much power on bars, she totally rocked the floor and vault was ok. OF course we only got one score and that just kills us more......I swear it makes it just that more stressful. We have had 3 practices this week and one private and I think DD has totally lost her mind this week. It is just me or does this happen all the time???

Please send us all the good luck fairies that are out there. I think we are going to need more luck than is in the gymnastics world right now. I wish I could turn back the week and start it all over. We have one more practice to see how we are looking. I think I am going to need retail therapy to get through tomorrow.


Good Luck!

DD best meet s have always been after bad practices. I think it makes the more determined! I bet she does great.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I bet she is soo super excited to finally be able to compete after waiting for so long. Sending her lots and lots of fairies, mostly the have a fun first meet fairy!!!! Hang in there, mama, I am sure you are more nervous than she is. LOL. Can't wait to hear all about it!!


Proud Parent
Jul 11, 2008
Im sending good luck wishes too, but let me add a little advice as well. It sounds like you may be overly worried about your dd's 1st meet. Your job as Mom is to help her relax and be ready for the meet. There will be many meets after this one so don't get too stressed about it.


Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2007
Gymdad2 has some great advice!! If YOU are so worked up and nervous about it, that nervous energy is definitely going to transfer to your DD!!! Relax, have fun, and remember this is just ONE meet out of many!! If it's a "bad" meet, so what??? Move on! If it's a "great" meet, then celebrate, but remember it's just ONE meet.... scores are going to vary from meet to meet, judge to judge, and venue to venue. Just have FUN with this whole experience!


Sending good luck your way! A meet is only a snapshot of your daughter's capabilities. There will be many more and some of my daughter's best lessons have come from meets where she didn't perform as well as she would have liked. Enjoy!


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Good luck! I know how exciting it is for that first meet of the season....hope she does well and gets all that first meet silliness out of the way. I agree it is only the first meet and try to RELAX. A common pratice around our house is NOT talking about it, LOL, to reduce the amount of nerves and stress. I hope your DD has a great time, good or bad, go out afterwards and CELEBRATE!


How exciting....the long awaited very first level 4!! I bet you are all very excited but try to stay calm for dd sake. I know I am usually more nervous than my dd. She seems cool, calm and collective while I am..... how can you eat or play at a time like this....j/k. But seriously you don't want to make her anymore nervous. No matter what, you are going to be so stinkin proud of her. She is so young and doing things most kids her age can't even imagine doing. Good luck but I am sure your dd is going to do great!!
Sep 9, 2008
Good luck to your dd! She will surprise you! It is hard, and easier said then done, but I agree that mom needs to at least pretend to be calm!:). The first meet is a great meet to get the jitters out and for a first competor, really just learning what it is all about. Sending good luck fairies to your dd for an awesome first meet!
Jan 22, 2008
Thank you everyone. I was much better today. I swear I had to have another round of retail therapy which DH didn't even complain about. Maybe this is a good thing...... Any how I did watch just a little today and DD was looking like herself. Which was a huge relief and two coaches told me she was rocking which took a HUGE weight off my chest. She was happy and confident like she usually is so that was a good thing. I know I shouldn't stress so much but she has been training for so long and I know what she is capable of that is what makes it so hard.

BTW she had an awesome start of the week she Sunday got her Back walkover on the high beam with no spot and her kip re-kip so an awesome start and then it went down hill to what I hope is an awesome finish. This week we have been in the gym 5 of the 7 days so hopefully in the end it will totally pay off.

Thanks again to everyone for the good luck faries. I will post a meet report hopefully sometime tomorrow.
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