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Jul 26, 2008
I know there are some of you who have had two at the same level - how the heck do you deal with the constant competition?????

DD8 will move up at the end of the summer IF she improves her bar skills. They are mediocre at best, and the coach (and I) both feel the bars needs to improve quite a bit before she moves. DD8 is it this more for fun than anything else; she's not super motivated to work at conditioning outside the gym but loves gymnastics.

DD6 decided she was ready to get serious about gymnastics and is joining the L3 team. I have been AMAZED at how far she's come all of a sudden now that she's decided to DO this. She was actually quite ticked off that they didn't put her on L4, despite not being anywhere near ready with skills. Unlike her sister, she IS motivated - she will come home from practice and do chin-ups, sit-ups, and just sit in the splits in front of the TV. She is the kind of child who will master something just because she puts her mind to it (like she learned to swim because she got mad that her older sis figured it out and could go in the deep end.....)

ANYWAY - any suggestions on dealing with the battles before they start? Coach feels DD8 will go to L4 at the end of the summer but I'm not so sure, and I'd like to head off issues NOW before they start...... I can only imagine when car rides home after practices are going to be like, let alone meets...

Thanks in advance!!


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Your DD8 sounds alot like my oldest, and your DD6 just like Little Monkey. Starting in a couple of weeks, LM will move to L6...if she had not stayed a 2nd yr in L5 she would have been that much closer to DD#1!! DD#1 will stay in L8 another year, perhaps even 2 depending on how SHE progresses.. Even though my 2 are not in the same level, DD#1 is jealous of LM's progress and triumphs. I keep telling her you cannot compare because you are in different levels, but I think at 12 yrs old SHE sees the writing on the wall...that LM will be catching up soon ...


I think its normal for siblings to be competitive. My son is 5 yrs older than my DD and when she started team he was already on the boys team. They always compared what they could do and couldn't do.
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