Two international meet reports

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On the 20th March I competed as part of Team GB in my first major international competition as a Senior Elite! It was the 3 way international that was held against Romania and Germany. It was in the Lilleshall National Sports Centre in Shropshire in the UK. It was really exciting because I got to compete alongside Beth Tweddle for the first time ever. As a team GB got the highest team score for an apparatus which was 57.700 on Bars. We came second behind Romania but only by .25 so we were all really proud. Beth got the highest score on both bars and floor and another of my teammates Niamh Rippin came 3rd All Around with 54.65.
My results:

Vault 5.0 difficulty
8.75 execution
Bars 5.4 difficulty
7.6 execution
Beam 4.0 difficulty
9.05 execution
Floor 4.8 difficulty
7.75 execution

AA 52.150

I had a couple of slips but for my first competition as a Senior on Team GB I was really proud and had a great time meeting some incredible gymnasts like Ana Porgras. Being part of a team with only four of us made it really nice because I got to know my teammates and we had great team spirit.

So on the 27th of March It was the Trofeo Città di Jesolo competition in Italy. It was so cool being able to compete against some of the best gymnasts in the world like Vanessa Ferrari and Alexandra Raisman. We competed against Japan, Russia, USA and Italy. My teammates were Becky Wing, Nicole Hibbert, Jocelyn Hunt,Danuisa Francis and Amy Middleton (who was an exhibition competitor so her score didn't count for us). As a team GB came 4th with 204.450 which we were really proud of seeing as we didn't have some of the better team members with us and several of us only became seniors this year!
My results:

Vault- 5.0 difficulty
8.80 execution

Uneven Bars- 5.4 difficulty
7.0 execution

Balance Beam-4.0 difficulty
7.2 execution

Floor-4.8 difficulty
7.4 execution

Overall 49.60 which was 18th place.

I didn't do quite so well in this competition becuase I had a couple of falls that knocked my score but overall I was really pleased to come 18th at such a big competition. I had great fun travelling to Italy with the team! It's such an awesome feeling to walk round the airport all wearing our matching Team GB tracksuits :D

So far I've had an incredible year as a Senior Elite Gymnast and now I have to work on my routines to knock my scores higher and hopefully keep going to these competitions!
Wow! Congrats to you! Sounds like an amazing experience! Congrats to Team GB, too!
Congratualtions on your first International meets. It looks like you did a great job and got some really great scores.

Thanks for sharing your meets reports with us, it is always lovely to hear how the CB gymnasts are progressing.
WOW!!! Congrats!! That must have been so exciting to meet and compete with (and against) some of the world's best!!! I am so happy for you--you did really well and had some great scores!!
Very very exciting stuff! Thanks for sharing with all of us...and good luck as you continue to train and compete!
I have been following the meets on the forums and we are all so proud of you in Britain. You are doing just great. Wow that must have been fantastic going to Italy with the BG squad. There are some videos on youtube but I don't know how to link them. Your bars are amazing! Good luck Lolly. What a brilliant start to your senior international career. You Go Girl!
Woah!!!! you must be really good i wish i was that good!! congrats on your scores they are great for your first international meet thats great! do u have any video's of your routine?
WOW what amazing experinces!!!!!!!!!!!! You get to travel that globe doing what you love. I t is great to here you did so well, and are having the time of your life. Kepp us posted on alll your comps! Don't you just that team spirit?!?! :) And the matching clothes doesn't it make you feel soooo imporant!!!!!!! lol :)
Forever more you'll be a part of international gymnastics history that other girls to read about, dream about, and aspire to. Get that autograph pencil sharpened up - Congratulations!!
I can't imagine how exciting it was to get THE tracksuit and THE LEOTARD!!!!!! And to represent your country!! That's the kind of stuff I used to pretend in my bedroom when I was little and my dd pretends now. Heehee. All that hard work paid off. You go and enjoy every second, you earned it. All them little girls in their bedrooms are right behind you.

3rd place bars at the romanian international

Here is Lollys bars so you can see just how fantastic she is.
I had checked her out on Youtube during the meet as I knew her name! I thought she was awesome, and to do SO WELL in such a high pressure situation is wonderful. She is quite the superstar!

Maybe it's time for a CB interview!!!
This link isn't working for me :( i was so excited! if you have her youtube name could you please tell me
Well Done

Well done Lolly, how fantastic I will be showing my daughter your you tube footage. She has competed against some gymnasts from your gym, so its great that she can have a new 'idol' she can identify with.

Really thrilled for you, enjoy it all :D
Awesome!!! Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us Lolly!!! So exciting to have someone of your high level of gymnastics posting here on CB!!! What a wonderful role model you are for the gymnasts here.
Thank you so much everyone! Knowing that all the hard work I've put in over the years has got me here is the best feeling in the world and it's so great to be able to share it with people who know how hard gymnasts work. It's an amazing feeling to know that maybe I can be an inspiration to younger gymnasts. It really is the best sport in the world :)
And yes...the team tracksuit and leotard make you feel so special :)
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