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I had never heard of it until I came across it in another post. I think this may be a fit for my DD. Does anyone have any opinions or experience with tumbling competions?

I'm not able to edit the title but it should be....U.S.T.A. I messed it up somehow.
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I've been googling some stuff and found out that USAG has tumbling comps too.......I guess that shows how much I know about the subject. I'd be interested in any input on competitive tumbling through any organization.
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I just started training tumbling...it is awesome! If your DD likes floor, she'll do great at tumbling i'm sure. Haven't competed so I dont kno details, but I'm looking into it too!


Jul 5, 2007
Competitive tramp and tumble is great for some athletes. There are three events, tramp (this is in the Olympics and very impressive to watch at that level!), tumbling (this is done on a rod floor which is bouncier than your 40x40 spring floor is like a track), and double mini (this is a mini tramp with an angled front part and then a flat back part, so the athlete runs, does a "mount" jump, and then a dismount onto a mat behind this apparatus). I'm not a T&T expert but I've gathered a bit of knowledge over the years and I've worked out (gymnastics) with some girls who also compete tumbling. Some people compete all three, some people two, some just one like just tumbling. USTA works a little differently than USAG as far as levels, they have categories like sub beginner, beginner, sub novice, novice, whereas USAG follows the level 1-10 system like the other USAG programs.

I really wish there were more T&T programs in my state.
Jan 10, 2008
My girls competed for 2 years in the USAG T&T program. They did level 5 & 6 on tumbling and double-mini tramp. They really loved the program. It is really great to watch at the upper levels...they get so much power from the rod floor and so much height off the double-mini and trampoline. I really wish there were more quality programs in our area. The place they were at was really a dance studio. The owner decided to "try T&T"...so not fully committed to making the athletes the best they could be. My girls did okay, but at Nationals we could see from other gyms that the program could be really great.
My girls are now doing gymnastics and love the challenges it brings. They do miss the tumbling. They went from doing 7 or more bhs and bt to training 1 or 2 bhs. I can see them going back to the program some day...especially if the quality of the program goes up in our area.

If you go to USA Gymnastics website and look at the sub catagories you will see T&T. That is where you can get some information.
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It sounds like DD would really enjoy it. I've searched around on the web and from what I could find it seems the only close gym that had a competitive program went out of business this Spring. The closest is almost two hours away and that's not an option. I'm going to call them today though and see if they might know of something in our area.

Thanks for the info. I didn't realize there were three different events. I'm going to get on YouTube and see what I can find. There's bound to be videos on it.


Jun 24, 2008
Yeah, USTA and power tumbling/tramp/double mini in general are pretty more relaxed. My home gym has a power tumbling team that competes both USTA and USAG power tumbling, although they've gone mostly to USAG recently. In tumbling, it seems that there are certain required passes at the lower levels, and then as they get into the higher levels, they have more flexibility in selecting skills. Their passes still have to meet certain requirements, such as having so many saltos or so many elements with twists.


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Jun 6, 2008
My daughter is a USTA power tumbler and we love it! She started tumbling when she was seven and she competes all three events. She competed as an 11 year old this year and was National Champion on trampoline. I think it would be equivalant to level 9 USAG. This year she is hoping to qualify elite in each event and is already close. I would be happy to answer any questions you have. We have several USTA clubs in our state, so we are lucky. USAG are hard to come by though.


Thanks for all of the information. I can't find a gym anywhere in our area that has a T&T program so we're back to square one. For now I've signed her up for tumbling classes at a local cheer gym. They only offer privates and semi-privates and the owner will be the one teaching her so hopefully she'll be pretty good.
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