WAG Ugh.. Torn labrum - shoulder

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Jan 29, 2019
My level 9 daughter, age 15, had several instances of shoulder "moving" when she did vault and bars, and some pain associated with it. It only started happening in the last two weeks, no previous shoulder problems. Club coach thought it was just "tendon moving", HS coach sent her to the trainer, who sent her to the doctor, who ordered MRI, which showed torn labrum. We are meeting with the surgeon (who specializes in sports medicine) soon to go over the results... Surgery was mentioned, and it seems like a very involved recovery... My girl is motivated and was hoping for successful HS career and possibly to continue in college in some way (likely club, or D III)... Any words of wisdom?? Any non surgical options that are successful long-term?


Proud Parent
Sep 30, 2017
My son was a ballet dancer with a college scholarship. He tore his labrum in his hip. Summer before his senior year, the dr injected stem cells to build scar tissue and let him dance one more year. It worked and he kept his scholarship. Around March of his senior yea, it started hurting again but he was able to finish. Two weeks after he graduated he had surgery. It was painful and the recovery was long.
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