MAG Ultra Dome mushroom

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Sep 8, 2011
South Island, NZ
Hi all. Just wondering if anyone else has the same issues with the ultra dome? I find that when the boys train on it it slips across the floor rather easily making it hard to do circles on it. We tend to put it on top of a softer mat to try stop it at times. Also when training some of the higher skills like working on turning on top the handles, I find that it starts to tip and the edges raise off the floor a bit because of how much the boys are required to lean over.
To try stop this I put a spring board at each end of the mushroom, but its really not ideal because then others can't use that equipment. Anyone else have these problems and have other ways of working around it?
Thanks for the reply :). Does the velcro not pull up the floor a bit?

And does that only stop the sliding? Or does it help the tipping as well?
Ours do not tip or slide at all with the velcro. I don't have an issue with them tipping...but all of our boys are still little.
Most domes come with little rubber do hickeys that fit in holes at the base of thge mushroom. Unfortnately these get lost easily over time.

Many gyms duct tape domes down for meets. Or make an insert that is weighted for the bottom. Wood circle with metal plates.
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