Undersomersault/Peach/Felge to Handstand on Parallel Bars

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Apr 17, 2007
Here is a short video that I made of the preparation, progression and spotting of the Undersomersault/Peach/Felge to Handstand on Parallel Bars. Hope you can find some use for it. Enjoy!

As early as possible. The spot is very safe and effective, providing your gymnast has good core strength and the ability to pass each phase with comfort and ease. The important part is not to rush...The gymnast's I used in the video started these progressions from an early age (around 9 or 10) and have gradually been progressing through the stages (they are now 12 and 13). The key is, its a long term investment. Not something that is learned in weeks but rather over a period of years. This is the only way to learn the skill with great technical proficiency and awareness....Goodluck
Any chance you could post some of this in slow-mo?

What specific aspects need to be emphasized in training this skill?

I have several guys I'd like to learn this, but I never trained them myself and simply don't know the skill as well as I'd like to.
Wow! Peach hand without shifting the wrists.. that's some uber flexibility... what sort of prep do you do for that one? Do you recommend that for all gymnasts learning this?

I love LOVE that end of the bar spot. Im jealous I didnt think of it..

Another way I help teach the turn over is to put a porta-pit under the bar, and allow the gymnast to "fall back" to learn the turn over motion - this is for drop kips, casts, etc...

Very good stuff. Thank you for your time in putting this together.
Hi blantonnick

Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.
A few questions:
1- Do you do any specific shoulder and wrist injury prevention stuff for this skill? and if so what?
2- What are the common errors, and mistakes you see during the learning of this skill?
3- Do you always teach the pike drop or do you also encourage/use a clearhip action.. (by that i mean there is no pike at all, its literally like doing a clearhip).

Thanks a lot again wicked video

Valentin, as far as the specific flexibility, I do not do anything special for the Undersomersault that is not normal to ordinary warm-up and daily flexibility requirements.

In the case of conditioning I will start using more of a fold in the body when the gymnasts are able to handle the strain on their lower back during the compression phase of the skill. Therefore, I do a lot of core training - backarches, situps etc. to strengthen the mid body and ensure that when the body is ready we can start utilising a deeper fold in the body and transition to eventually be able to perform the Undersomi's with a Stalder type of action. The boys in the video are not ready for this phase yet.
Sorry guys, had to remove my videos...any questions you may have regarding the progressions I would be happy to discuss.
that's a shame, hope there was no trouble because of it.

I wanted to see the wrist shift again for the peach without a release. Was considering the development of a new skill using the unique position it creates. I wanted to see how much flexibility would really be necessary to hold that position, and if it was plausible at all.

On top of that.. that was a really nice spot for the skill - good control. I wanted to see it again, too.

Thanks for putting it together in the first place! Hope one day it will be ok to put it back up.

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