WAG Uneven Bars dismounts

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Proud Parent
Jul 7, 2018
Our first meet is coming up next weekend and we have several girls who just can’t seem to get the skills they need to meet the requirements for their level.

Before you ask why the girls simply don’t compete at a lower level, I am going to say that decision is made by the gym owners and not us (the coaches).

Anyway, I have always assumed that for gymnasts to meet the Silver requirement for their dismount on bars they needed to do either a sole circle (sorry, I’m way old school) or an under swing. I know recently that a squat on/stretch jump was included as a dismount.

I know that Bronze can do a cast to stand or roll forward to a controlled chin hang. Would either of these meet the requirements for Silver?

I hope my question is clear enough. I’m trying to type while my two younger kids are requesting things left and right!


Proud Parent
Sep 4, 2009
No, unfortunately the cast off and fwd roll dismount only count for bronze. If they can't do any of the silver dismounts I would have them do one of those and just start from a 9.5. They can also do the sole circle or jump off dismounts in the straddle position, which is sometimes easier for some kids.
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Proud Parent
Mar 11, 2014
So they can't even attempt the undershoot? It seems like such a basic skill.


Jan 18, 2009
I would have them attempt the underswing. I had a kid who couldn't manage a squat on or sole circle but could do a mediocre underswing and managed to score in the 9s (the rest of her routine was very nice). Worst case scenario, they don't count their underswing attempt as a skill and they get a 9.5 SV, but I feel like in Silver as long as their attempt is somewhat close, the judges will give it.
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