Unforunete Accident

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About a month ago I'd say, maybe a little bit more, a friend of mine had a very bad accident. She was snowboarding with some of her friends that go to my school, and they all dared her to go off a jump. She did. Sound bad? She took a tumble, and hit her head on the way down pretty hard. Luckily she was wearing a helmet, or else she would have been dead. Things happening between then and the time she went to saw a doctor, are pretty unclear, but it was basically around 2 or 3 days and she started getting unclear and forgetting things. She saw a doctor and they rushed her off to the E.R. The next time she woke up she was really confused and thought it was 3 years ago. She doesn't remember anyone, not even her family, only one of her best friends and one gymnastics coach. The doctors said she should get things back, and eventually she should be able to go back to gym.

Well atleast a month has passed, and it hasn't been going to good. She's been in and out of the doctors. She has random dreams about the summers she spent with people in France [cousins] and things like that. I don't go to school with her, but some kids have been pretty nasty and played some mean tricks on her thinking it's funny she doesn't remember things. [For example, she doesn't remember what icecream or a panda is]. I see the kids who went with her snowboarding, they don't take it seriously. I know they're friends with her, and they can just hope she gets better, but they kind of just make fun. I don't think they understand how bad this is for her, and what gymnastics means to her and now she can't get back. It's hard watching them talk about her, and they don't have any idea what she went through she get were she was.

I talked to her, and though I've known her for a while she doesn't remember me. I just tell her that I was on her gym team, who I am, things I like, and try to be patient. Things have gotten a little better, she know remembers some things and people, but I think it's more off of people telling her who they are, not off of long term memory.

A horrible thing is before the accident, she was just getting back into gym after having about a year off and in a back brace. I asked how her back is, but she doesn't know what's wrong with her back [her mom had to tell her], and she doesn't understand why it hurts all the time. I know she's been in the gym a few times seeing people. The question is, besides praying, what do we do? I don't see her that much as I don't go to her school, just talk to her. I know I should be supportive and help her remember things, but what does a gymnast do? Will she have to start all over at gym? Maybe when someday she's back in the game, she'll do a few skills after relearning then things might come back to her naturally? Advice please :]

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Probably not much you can do aside from what you're already doing -- be a supportive friend to her.

Will she get it back? I don't know. I doubt anybody can know.
Feb 3, 2009
Prayer is a wonderful gift you can give to her. Keep showing that you care about her. Exercise her brain by discussing things that encourage her to think. Nobody knows what path her life will take after this accident, gymnastics or not. The best you can do is be her friend, show you care and believe for her best. Let her know that. She no doubt needs the support and love.
Feb 26, 2007
Being the good, kind and supportive friend that you obviously are is really the best thing you can give. Hope she will improve quickly and the idiots teasing her will get bored.
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