For Coaches UNGH! Why do they quit?

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What a bummer =(

It's worse when it isn't their choice, I think. It sucks when they aren't loving it anymore, but when they do and have to leave anyway, oh man.

At least he went out with a bang.
Sep 19, 2008
Just got an e-mail, just lost another. :(

Sorry to hear that :( I lost one that I was expecting to lose, just not quite so soon. Her parents were putting the pliers to me about her not being on the team, nothing I can do about that though, so they quit to 'show us what we missed out on'. Ok. I told them to talk to the compulsory coach, and instead of asking questions regarding her team potential, they told her softball and swim teams want more from their daughter so they'd quit gym if she wasn't put on team, we'd be sorry, even if she was on team she could only work out 3 hours a week since she wouldn't be quitting her other sports, etc. Not a good way to start a competitive relationship even if she was everything we wanted and more. Great kid though. I was sad to see her go.
Mar 14, 2009
What is anyone's opinion of allowing a girl gymnast (qualified for Level 8, but does not have bars skills for Level 8) to specialize in certain events (where she has Level 8-10 skills) in order to keep her in the sport so she doesn't quit?

All Chalked Up

Mar 15, 2010

It's actually only happened to me once with a beginner to boot, but she had so much promise and talent- she was down in overspilts her first day and she was 10. She just one-upped me one day, saying that she decided to go the level higher and then the next day she quit. On her own will too.


Proud Parent
May 9, 2011
Latest on this guy:

He won level 8 states on 5 out of 6 events.

Then quit again.


Sorry. I know that it's got to be frustrating as the coach, but the indecisiveness is pretty amusing, as an outsider.

It sure is annoying when talented kids don't seem to appreciate their talent, eh?
Jul 25, 2008
Jeez!!! That sounds so frustrating for you GT - or areyou used to it now?

I have 1 kid at the moment,who for the last year her mother has been saying she wants to quite. She missed a load of classes and eventually her mother rang me last week and we went through the whole thing again.

  • She did excellently in her first year in competition at the most basic level which tests mostly flexibility
  • She isn't as naturallytalented as the other girls in my group. I have one girl who isn't at all flexible but has worked so hard at home on it and has improved so much
  • She has great flexibility but if she worked on her strength she would be really good
  • She doesn't quite lack confidence, just isn't too bothered. I somehow feel that an advanced recreation class would be better for her
  • She didn't try hard for this years competition. Fell off beam twice (2.00 marks) and forgot something (1.50) so got a low score of 6.60, the mother was disgusted.
Ive gone through this so many times this year with the mother and I feel it's all coming from her. I basically said to her last week - look unfortunately in competitive gymnastics you have to work at it, hard, if you don't work you can't get the moves. The mother puts so much pressure on her and always talks about her not winning medals. She is a lovely kid and I would be sorry to see her go but at the same time it's very time consuming for me to try to get her to do moves she's not ready to do, and also i'm at risk of injuring myself. She could be dropped to another group but she's someway in the middle of my group and the other group.

I feel bad coming out straight with it to the mother but they need to decide so I know where I stand with my group, there could be other kids who would like a place but we're keeping hers reserved until she decides. it's just been a very long year of this hmming and hawing and i'm really tired of it!! :(
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