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First...I had the privilege to go to the local cinema (movie theatre) here on this tiny island last night and watch a group of local actors which included some of my young gymnasts put on a wonderful play. Here in Vestmannaeyjar, on Heimaey Island, when they produce a play, they stop the play half way through the program so the audience can take a break and get some food but the unique thing is that when the play ends the cast members all go down the back stairs and wait in the lobby for the audience and give them a standing ovation as they exit to show their appreciation for the audience coming to watch.

Second...When the cinema shows movies, the movies are stopped half way through so the audience can take a bathroom break and/or get food and then return for the second half of the movie.

Third...When you purchase a ticket for a movie or a play it is assigned seating, (each ticket has a row number and seat number on it) but if you have a particular seat you wish to sit it you can request it if it is available.

Not open for further replies.