university of minnesota

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Are you talking women's gymnastics? Yes, the University of Minnesota has a good gymnastics team. They are ranked #22 in pre-season polls right now. I'd consider them a second-tier D1 school. They don't make it to nationals, but they do make it to regionals and are generally ranked top 25. One girl went to nationals for AA last year.

As for are they a good school to go to - it depends on your skill level and goals. If you are around a level 9 and want to compete a lot, then it's a great option. Level 9's generally have to walk on to the very top teams and don't get to compete much. What are your priorities: being part of a really good team or competing a lot and being a star or getting a full ride scholarship? That will influence the school you chose.

I'd recommend you go to one of their meets if possible.


I agree. You can see all the college rankings that are updated each monday at GymInfo - Type of Women's Rankings. Minnesota is typically pretty good but weigh your options and what you want to get out of a gymnastics team. I wrote a book called Gymnastics in a Nutshell that should be out this spring with an entire chapter on collegiate gymnastics and what to expect. It will help you think about some stuff you might not have before. Let me know if you need more help!
Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
I live in minnesota and have grown up around the gophers. I watch them every year and i have always wanted to be one:). Anyways, they are pretty good and definately fun to watch. From what i have seen, they have fun competing and they look like they all get along and stuff. i think it would be a great team to be on.
Good luck with whatever you do!:)
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