For Parents Update on the girls...just waiting for meet season!

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Aug 16, 2008
Hi all, thought I would share a little update. This is not really a brag, but wasn't sure where to put this.
Meet season starts in November, and we're ready! :) Well, I am for sure ready. I always look forward to the season and then once it gets going I always want it to be over. ;)

Older DD is competing level 6 after a year of xcel gold last year. It will be interesting to see how she does with going back into the compulsory routines. She has all the skills, even conquered that back tuck :) that we were all worried about. She still falls on the BWO on beam sometimes but the fear isn't there like it was, so that's good. Her bars are getting a lot better, she is really working on height on those casts. She's uptraining a little on bars and working clear hip to handstand on strap bar, which she can sort of do some of the time.:eek: Struggling a bit with some form issues but hopefully she can clean those up. I am extremely proud of her for balancing school with training at gym 5 days a week and ballet one day a week. She is not the most naturally talented gymnast in the world but I feel like she is working really hard.

Younger DD has moved over to xcel Bronze this year. She has cut her hours down which makes school more manageable for her. She seems to be doing great with the switch and looks forward to going to gym. She has a cute little floor routine. :)

Tiny DD is doing her first year on team as a level 2. She has caught the gymnastics bug big time and is constantly holding headstand position in the middle of our living room. She can hold it for a LONG time! She is really looking forward to competing this year after watching her big sisters for the past 5 years or so. I am looking forward to some nice laid back level 2 competitions without placements. It will hopefully be a really fun year with her. Her little team is SO cute, they are all 4-6 years old.

It's going to be a busy crazy hopefully really fun season! :D
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