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Panda-girl's Mom

Active Member
Jan 9, 2008
Well after switching gyms and leaving our old gym my daughter is returning. My daughter was unhappy, so we tried another gym. Intially she really liked it but it was a recreational class, she tried it a couple of times since she was frustrated at her old gym and the negativety. She really liked the teacher at the new place, they were doing advanced skills but after leaving her old gym and not going for a week she was homesick and lost. The new gym starts team at level 5 she competed level 4 but struggled to get all her skills. So she would have to do recreational classes for a while to get on the team. They did not have a preteam at this time. She was going 1 hour a week and going to increase to 2 classes for 2 hours. At her old gym she was used to going for 10 hours a week. She would only go to camp 1-2 weeks and class during the summer at the new place. Her old gym she has to train every weekday for aproximately 20 hours a week during the summer. At first we thought less hours less stress and just going for fun would make her happier but she just could not adjust, she finally broke down and said she wanted to go back. She missed being on the team her friends and being in the gym more hours. Now she is more happier and motivated, she is looking forward to training more in the summer. Her old gym is probally the most established in the area, the new place is only a few years old, and other gyms in the area either do not competed USAG or do not have good reputations, so I am hoping she is making the right decision. Last year when she struggled with their skills they only went 2 hours a week since they were not sure if they were going to be on team, I hope the extra hours will help and if she d:)oes not get her level 5 skills she can have a better year repeating level 4.
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