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Well It didn't take long for the old HC to put in her resignation once the new coach took over most of the team girls. I guess she found a position in another gym not too far away from ours. It will be interesting at the meets to see how things unfold.


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Feb 26, 2007
Well that is good news, I am sure it will make things calmer in the gym. As for future meets hopefully the old coach is mature and professional enough to play nice. Lots of coaches move around in our region, the smart ones keep things very respectful.


Well, I guess that might be interesting, lol. I'm so glad that things are working out well for your dd in the gym under the new HC though. Tell her not to expect much when seeing the old HC at meets, that way she won't be disappointed if old HC snubs/ignores (hopefully nothing worse than that) and she'll be pleasantly surprised if the old HC is friendly/supportive. I can't remember exactly how old your dd is, but I think she's probably old enough to prepare her for both ways.
We ran into my dds old coach twice last year at meets, and had the snub/ignore side of it. DD was confused as to why old coach was not being supportive, but she was only 9 and I brushed it off as "she's just very busy". She bought it, but I don't think she'll buy it this year if old coach is still of the same attitude. We'll cross that road when/if we come to it, but I think dd is wise to the ways of that coach now and won't be expecting a friendly hug, lol.
Good luck to your dd this season! Sounds like training under new HC will be a great thing for her and she'll have a great season.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Hope that any run-ins with the old coach will go smoothly. I worry a bit about what will happen when my DD sees her old teammates and coaches at meets. I think that most will be friendly and say hi, but not sure. The owner was always very nice to girls she saw that had left the gym, so hopefully that will be what happens. We have at least a few meets where we will be at the same meet. I know Abby is excited to see all her old friends and wants to stay and watch the level 5s because her friend is competing as a 5 this season, and hoping she gets the same response.
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