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Ok so here is some more of my gym drama! Since dd wouldn't do bwo on the beam the other night 2 of the female coaches came up with the idea that we should do a private with the one female coach that didn't yell at my dd for not doing them. So we did the private after practice on Friday. All it took was the coach spotting my dd 3 times on bwo for her to do them herself on high beam! I was like I knew that is all that it would take. So they moved onto floor, where they were supposed to redo her floor routine because they had to recut her music because it was too long. Well the coach spotted her on her robh, back tuck pass 3 times and told my daughter to do it on her own the next time. Well dd started to freak out, because she was scared and she refused to tumble. So I made dd leave since she wasn't willing to do anything else. I still had to pay for a 30 min. private even though the coach only worked with her for 5 min.

Well we had a meet today and they made dd scratch floor because she never did a complete routine to the recut music. I understood this and I wasn't mad about that. Beam was their first rotation and dd scored 9.225(with her bwo/bwo)! YEAH! And she took 4th place. Then floor which I already mentioned she scratched. Then they noved onto vault. DD hasn't went over the vault at all since she returned on Monday. But she went over at the meet. Didn't do very well, but that's ok. She still got an 8.3, no place. Then they moved onto bars! This is where I get a little upset. She does a pretty good bar routine and only scores an 8.675. Now the reason I got mad was because the coach didn't understand why she received that score, so he went and discussed it with the judges. Come to find out, she is missing a circling element in the routine. She is supposed to have at least 2 and she only did 1. Well that is how she was told to do her routine and how she has practiced it. Why wasn't it corrected at practice? Surely the coaches knew that she had to have 2 circling elements! Now the meet that she did go to, with a hurt knee, she did the same exact bar routine and received a 9.0. Did she receive the deduction then, I wonder? But anyways she did wind up placing 4th on bars. She would have won bars had her routine been correct! 1st place on bars was only a 9.125, so if you add the .5 back into that for the missing skill my dd would have gotten a 9.175!

Anyways, I'll stop complaining now! I think that my dd did fantastic though! She was excited with her scores considering the 3 months off!
What a great job. She obviously needs more spotting on floor. My DD back in gym today was spotted on her tumbling as much as she needed, you need to ask for more.

Why can't she compete floor without the tumbling pass?
The coaches want her to do the whole routine and do it correctly, or not do it at all. Without the tumbling passes she would've gotten a really low score. We'll see what happens at gym on Monday, if they tumble.
Wow, it sounds like your DD is going through a difficult patch with fear. Can I ask how old she is? We see a lot of the kids going through doing all their skills just fine and then when they reach about the age of 10 they begin to start to feel fear. It is because they have now reached an age where they think in the abstract, they consider the future and start imgaining the possibilities of things that could happen if they mess it up. Prior to that age they often just do the skill without that forethought. Most of the kids do grow out of it if they stick with the sport but generally at this preteen age they do need a bit of a different approach to training.

I know it is a difficult thing to do but if possible I would try to step out of the picture a bit as a parent when it comes to things like the private. Your daughter will probably being feeling a lot of pressure right now, most of it is in her mind. But if you are heavily involved she will feel extra pressure because she wants to please you. Ideally if she refuses to tumble at the private just let it go, you have to pay for the full private anyway so leave it up to the coaches. If she was just refusing to do the skills it would have been a good idea for then to change the pace completely and work on finishing the floor routine first and then go back to the skills. The girls often feel more rleaxed after they are into training a bit.

Well done to your DD on her performance at the meet. Her beam score sounds fantastic and it was great she got over the fear of her bwo and did it for the comp. As for her bar routine she does need two circling skills. If she is USAG optionals that is. And it will be very damaging to her score if she doesn;t have it. It is possible it was missed at her last meet. At one of our more recent meets one of our girls left out a crucial skill from her floor routine and it should have crucified her score. But the judges seemed to have missed it because she got an outstanding score and ended up placing 1st on floor. Sometimes judges make mistakes too. It is however a little unacceptable for her coaches to not realise that she does not have the full bar requirements. Maybe because she was absent for so long.
I think it is brilliant already that she competed after having not done any for so long. So big thumbs up. I am sure she will do the things she has fear for now in due time. As long as the coaches support her and help her.
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