Upper Body Strength

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Nov 11, 2016
I'm 16 years old and just joined my high school gymnastics team after a 6 year break from the sport.

I still have all of my splits and my bridges and basic skills that can be done with muscle memory and flexibility. But anything that requires strength is a problem.

I'm pretty overweight. I'm about 5'4" and weigh 160 pounds. Bars has always been difficult for me, but now is worse than ever. I can't even do a chin-up, let alone a pullover.

Does anyone have any good upper body exercises for beginners? Literally everything is hard so I need good modifications.

For example, instead of push-ups, I could do 50 wall push-ups a day.
You could try modified push ups also known as "girl" push-ups or just hold a plank keep working hard!
Tricep dips- start with using something at waist height and go lower as you get better. Instead of chin-ups, do chin up hold (hang with flexed arms), then reverse chin ups (start with flexed arms then slowly lower). I also really like doing toes to a bar, but horizontal. Then you can do on an incline when you get better.
Handstand holds against a wall are good, if you have trouble with that do it with tucked legs and knees/feet on a block to help support yourself.
These are mostly things you can work on at home too if you are not getting enough time in the gym. Good luck!
Be patient with yourself. If things are difficult at first, start with lower reps and increase as you can.
I second this! It is so great that you are getting back into it...AND that you recognize you need to ease back into it. It is so easy to get injured when you re-enter a sport.....you have the right mindset to be sure. :)
Not open for further replies.